Mercedes-Benz: Media Image

30 Dec

Mercedes-Benz: Media Image

Every brand is perceived by media due to its own reputation in the market, its popularity, core values, performance, various products and many more. So according to top global brands in 2011 Mercedes-Benz stands on 12th position and it is a second automotive global brand after Toyota. Why this brand have excellent image in media? Following post brief about my brand media image and reasons behind this fact.

  • Mercedes-Benz has a passionate commitment with their consumers; they committed not only their superb German design and engineering but also three cores values of brand, Innovation, Reliability and Safety. To protect the media image of “Mercedes-Benz work in a several department like, Technical Communication, Corporate Communication, Product Communication, Investor Relation, Internal Communication and marketing working together and putting their massive efforts to do something important”.

  • Mercedes-Benz continues to be at on topmost position in media, car industry and it is once again renowned as “world’s most valuable premium automotive brand”. In recent year ranking of “Best global Brands 2011”, it stands on 12th position and hence it is “most valuable European brand”.
  • Mercedes Benz business approach in the American auto-mobile market was more prone towards reliability, safety and precise engineering work, but due to enormous challenging environment “in car market brand strategy has changed”. Now they are moving towards the “life style orientation and target group” especially people in younger class. So to grab the brand image in this target market they continuously working on their variable products, innovation and creative ideas and concepts,technology,”more competitive prices and most importantly customer care services”.
  • Mercedes aim to capture the markets of those people who have reached and belongs to opulent lifestyle; especially business class families. “In these families the Mercedes Benz is usually known as “dads” car rather than mothers mini-car seeing as a reason most Mercedes owners are men” rather than women.
  • Analysis: Mercedes produced consistently a car with eye-catching exteriors on road and fabulous interiors inside the vehicle with enormous safety and reliable technology, but now Mercedes supposed to be careful as its main rivals BMW and Audi improving themselves significantly.
  • Social network site Facebook is a big web digital media playing a major role with 4,610,548 numbers of people likes to brand and 66,793 people’s discussion reveals the brand popularity amongst the world.
  • Comment: Mercedes-Benz Facebook page continuously growing with number of like and discussion about brand.
  • Analysis: Facebook built this website for Mercedes-Benz “fans and brand lovers” and especially for brands new launch, events, technology photography presentation. Brand lovers put their passion, love and appreciation about Mercedes-Benz and connecting to each other through various discussions about brand.
  • “Media edge (MEC) leading media agency announced, The Mercedes star has become the most famous automotive symbol and is one of the world’s best known trademarks”. “Mercedes-Benz is also intensely focused on protecting the environment and recently revealed its blue efficiency philosophy”. “It’s a prestige brand that rises up images of “luxury beyond compare””.
  • Analysis: Mercedes-Benz is pioneering and trustworthy in media from since 125 years and they always ready to trust for their commitment in their core values, innovation, safety, reliability and always dedicated their massive efforts to launch unique product on the earth and it protecting to earth by improving low emission and environment-friendly vehicles.


                                                                                                                                                   Mercedes-Benz: How a Great Campaign Can Almost Kill a Company, Author: Carolin Blebrach


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